SIJ CADENCE Info & policies


Welcome to SIJ CADENCE by SHINE!

Here you’ll be able to access up-to-date schedules, videos and recordings for practice-at-home purposes, and important updates, policies, and reminders.  As usual, most documents will be emailed also, but this way if you lose the email or need to access something quickly you’ll have a way to find it easily.



Rehearsals: Tuesday and Friday mornings, 7am. See calendar for special dates (choreography rehearsals, workshop dates, competitions, and concerts).

Attendance Requirements: 2 unexcused absences allowed. After 7:15am, performer is considered “tardy”. 3 tardies = 1 unexcused absence.

“Unexcused” absence is anything that would not be excused by SIJ school guidelines.

Fine Print: Even with excused absences, director must reserve the right to ‘bench’ a performer for a competition or performance if that student’s absences adversely affect the show or the ensemble. With choreography and music posted online, performer is responsible for making up anything missed due to absence(s).

More Fine Print: Rule of thumb: communicate. Generally-speaking, if parents are communicative about absences and they are within reason, there won’t be any issues. 

To Report an Absence (2015-16): Email Susan Hughes. Please try to email before that day’s rehearsal begins.

Missed Choreography Rehearsals:

There are only 5-6 dates in the entire show choir season where we have a professional choreographer present. In those sessions, choreographers teach the visual part of our show and each performer gets “blocked” into positions. Often the “picture” changes throughout the show (think marching band aerial view) and each performer’s position affects others in the group (and the overall picture). Because of this, it is challenging for the entire ensemble when a performer is absent in general, and even more of an issue when a performer isn’t present to be blocked in to begin with. If a performer misses a choreography session, it is his/her responsibility to learn the choreography independently. Once the performer is “up to speed” with the rest of the group, they may be blocked in at the director’s discretion. However, no promises can be made that the performer can be staged in to the song.

Rehearsal attire: 

Performers must wear tennis shoes, Cadence performance shoes, or flat-soled school shoes to every rehearsal (no boots, flip flops, etc.). Once rehearsal t-shirts are distributed, performers should wear it to every rehearsal. Shirts will remain at school through the fall.


Content-related questions should go directly to Ms. Julie. For general questions, feel free to bypass Ms. Julie when appropriate and go to the choir coordinators: Susan HughesJen FergusonSue Driscoll,  or Cristina Camara.